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UC Pro 2

The Panasonic UC Pro 2  application

The Panasonic UC Pro 2  application allows easy, intuitive use of  various forms of communication -- like high-speed, precise information  transmission and seamless, multi-device connection. 

Mobile Softphone

The Panasonic softphone

 The Mobile Softphone application offers the ability to use a smartphone  as a company extension, maximizing mobility and minimizing costs.    

HD Conferencing

Videoconferencing on tablet

The HD Visual Communications (HDVC)  incorporates Panasonic's high-quality image and sound technologies cultivated in the development of various AV products over  the years. The system conveys facial expressions and nuances of voices  to facilitate discussions and remote lectures. 

Call Recording

Playback Call recording

In business environments that require a phone call to be captured and  recorded for future reference, Call Recording can be an essential medium  for training, reducing conflicts and resolving potential liabilities. 

Nurse Call Systems

Senior living

 Instant communication between residents and caregivers is of utmost importance in retirement and assisted living communities. 

IP telephony applications

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UC Pro 2 allows easy, intuitive use of various forms of communication, like high-speed, precise information transmission and seamless, multi-device connection.

However, business communication systems need to do more than just increase work efficiency, they must also be easily integrated into existing systems and must help to lower costs across the table.  Because of UC Pro 2's excellent compatibility with Panasonic PBXs, the application offers strong support for virtually any kind of business.

Get connected easily, anytime you want

Inside or outside the office, a single ID gives you access to the people you need.

Fast, Efficient Work Tool

Panasonic UC Pro 2 provides a host of collaborative functions, including large-capacity call functions,

unified messaging, presence, and shared directories.  The application is designed to use Windows clients as the main interface.

UC Pro 2 provides a wide range of solutions to users and businesses, for small, medium and large-scale enterprises. It is a highly efficient tool for multi-tenant companies.

Give customers a reason to do business with you.You can also check the presence of UC Pro 2 users on Windows PCs even if they haven't installed UC Pro 2, and chat with them as well. This supports closer in-company communication for your business.

Mobile Softphone

Versatile Mobility

Panasonic Mobile Softphone is a simple application that brings audio and visual communication together

in your mobile device. It lets you use your smartphone just the way you want, while maximizing mobility and minimizing costs.

Seamless Connection as PBX Extension

The employee's smartphone can be registered as a company extension number with the Mobile Softphone application. It enables flexible audio and video calls in/out of offices without using your private phone number.

Push Notification

Push Notification informs you of incoming calls without having to start up an application. Since the application does not need to be constantly running, your smartphone battery lasts longer


By Panasonic

Manufactured by Panasonic to greatly

simplify system management.

No Server Needed

Since there is no need for an additional server or other equipment, you can link your smartphone up immediately

with no other changes to your system. 

HD Visual Communications (HDVC)


The HDVC System lets you hold a multi-site videoconference with people at up to 24 sites without requiring the purchase of expensive MCUs (Multi-point Connection Units). When combined with HDVC Mobile application, which enables the use of mobile devices for participating in a video conference, you can have effective visual communication without restrictions on time or place.

Mobile application

 HDVC Mobile, a specialised HDVC application for iOS, Android™ or Windows®*1, can be used to take part in videoconferences anywhere using your tablet, smartphone or computer. 

Wide-band Stereo Full Duplex Audio

Full-duplex audio in wide-band stereo allows high-quality sound to fill the room with clarity. A unique Echo Canceller prevents echoes and howling, allowing for minimal delays or interruptions even when two people speak at the same time. 

Easy to Use

The Triple Monitor function displays a PC document and the images of  distant sites and the home location on three monitors. The sub camera  function displays fine details in a close-up view. Various convenient  functions help to make communication smooth and accurate 

Full-HD 1080/60p

The HDVC System delivers Full-HD images. The system shows even small changes in facial expressions for high-quality communication. HD images can be displayed with a bandwidth of 256 kbps or higher.

Key features

  • 4 to 24-Site Connection
  • High quality video Full HD 1080/60p
  • Participation in videoconferences using mobile devices
  • Broadband Stereo Full Duplex Audio

security, compliance, performance, policy, control,integrity


Call Recording is ideal for helping ward off costly litigation, resolving “who said what” disputes, shielding staff from abusive callers and monitoring staff performance. Call Recording is also ideal for leveraging as training to provide real-life examples for more focused telesales and marketing education.

Quickly and easily search for a recording by extension, date and time, line, caller ID and many other fields. Recorded conversations are encrypted and stored in their original format to maintain integrity and can be emailed and saved in a .wav file for easy review.

Recording for trunks (ISDN, analog or SIP) or extensions (SIP, IP or digital)

Powerful encryption for legal compliance and multi-level playback security

Start/Stop recording capability for PCI/FSA compliance

Built-in archiving functionality and search/filter capabilities

Comprehensive recording throughout call entirety including Hold and Transfer

Nurse Call

Peace of mind that goes both ways

The Panasonic Nurse Call System is a scalable, cost-effective,  fully-integrated communications and alarm management system that  improves patient/resident satisfaction, caregiver morale and the  company’s bottom line.  

Panasonic KX-DTU100 digital communications terminal

KX-DTU100 digital communications terminal

Senior care facility nurses and other caregivers understand the critical importance of clear, two-way communication with residents calling from their room or elsewhere in the facility. Poor voice quality can burn valuable staff hours through needless room visits.  The KX-DTU100 Digital Communications Terminal is a cost-effective alternative to traditional nurse call terminals and leverages Panasonic’s industry-leading DECT communications technology, enabling smooth, crystal-clear call quality between caregiver and resident.

Centralized management

Administered through a centralized communications server for efficiency and convenience. Three one-touch buttons can programmed as simple speed dials and can also play back pre-recorded reminder information of commonly asked questions.

As easy as it gets

Because the KX-DTU100 connects to existing phone wiring, installation is easy and cost effective. The unit is powered by the communications server eliminating the need for extra electric wiring or battery monitoring and replacement.

Panasonic Nurse Call System Direct Care Connect DCC™ EX


Customize your Panasonic Nurse Call System with our optional applications software.

Direct Care Connect DCC™ EX

An alarm management application that not only escalates and records alarm response time for each caregiver, but also the frequency and associated urgency of each alarm.  Alarm escalations can be programmed to roll to a variety of devices.  

When integrated with an existing communications server, DCC EX offers an array of one-touch options for fielding patient-triggered alarms on cordless handsets and mobile devices.

With a single touch, a nurse can choose to accept an alarm or call and speak directly

with the patient. If a nurse is unable to field the page, the alarm will roll to a series of

pre-assigned backups until answered. DCC EX works with Panasonic PBX, DECT, wireless sensors and industry-standard fire panels and wandering management systems for complete integration.

Key Features

  • User Flexibility – Cloud or On-Premises deployments
  • Cross-Platform WEB Admin Consoles – Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OSx
  • Highest Security Level – HTTPS (Secure Internet Protocol)
  • Caregiver Login/ Logout
  • Caregiver Zone Selector – Caregivers can select their working zone at login time
  • Unlimited Alarm Escalation Levels 
  • Real-time Alarm Monitoring
  • Callback Using Local Panasonic PBX
  • Powerful Exportable Excel Reports
  • Script Based Integration
  • Cloud-based Product Licensing

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